Multi-Fuel Stoves for a Restaurant

I find my multi fuel stove to be efficient and convenient for heating the dining area in my restaurant. More than saving money on electric and conventional heating systems, stove-restaurantthere is something so comforting for clients to warm themselves in front of a real fire. As these prices rise the demand of modern multi-fuel stoves increase, wood pellets, corn and coal are just a few of the fuels that can be used. I have been using wood pellets. They are readily accessible from many shops locally, and even the garages round here stock them. Plus, the are economical. A power cut in the restaurant one evening in the middle of winter convinced me to look for a alternate heat source. The multi-fuel stove was my choice and I have not regretted it.

There is a wide range of stoves on the market. I’ve seen all types of multi-fuel stoves from rustic to industrial metal. The stove and stove pipe system was easy to install and can be completed in less than a day, meaning you can install it when your place is open.

Panel Heaters for Your Spare Dining Space

Panel heaters are a great way to heat up a room in a home quickly and efficiently, without wasting energy or money. I have a few installed at home, in the rooms that don’t get panel heatersused much, and I recently bought a couple for the restaurant too.

Although the central heating in the restaurant works great, for some reason the previous owners did not extend it to the WCs. As they are at the back of the building they do get quite cold in winter, and while this might not be such a problem for the fellas, as a woman having to pull your jeans or tights down when the temperatures are hovering around zero degrees, I know it isn’t much fun.

Putting low wattage panel heaters in was a good idea, as I only turn them on when necessary, and they heat the rooms up within minutes. They are very cost efficient and do not make any sort of noise at all. We only paid £89 each for them, and its well worth spending that money of it means your guests are able to go to the toilet in comfort, rather than freezing their bits off – I suggest you use the bathroom in your restaurant and gauge the comfort level. It might seem a trivial thing, but you never know if you might be losing customers over it.